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10520 Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dental care in 10520

10520 pediatric dentist

10520 pediatric dentist

Children have special considerations that need to be taken into account; issues and circumstances that are not applicable to adults. In addition, your child is just getting started with dentistry, and there is no doubt that the attitudes formed now about it will provide the basis for how he or she feels about it as an adult. Here at Smile Style Contemporary Dental Arts, 10520 pediatric dentist are proud to provide a warm, welcoming, comfortable office environment; one that your child will find fun to be in. It’s all part of our commitment of our to outstanding pediatric dental care.

A thorough dental exam that includes x-rays and a teeth cleaning should be done twice per year. It is the foundation strategy of our 10520 pediatric dentist for maintaining strong, healthy teeth, from the primary (baby) ones to the permanent (adult) ones. It is essential that your child’s primary teeth stay in so that they will fall out on their normal schedule. Losing one or more of those teeth early can create obstacles such as shifting teeth that interfere with the eruption of permanent teeth later on. In order to keep those primary teeth viable for their normal lifespan, our 10520 pediatric dentist needs to detect any cavities caused by tooth decay at an early stage. Filling a cavity promptly increases the chances of the tooth staying whole and avoiding complications that may lead to its extraction. Our 10520 pediatric dentist is committed to promoting habits that are good for your child’s oral health. This includes advice about teething and good nutrition. Proper brushing and flossing technique is also important and will be stressed.

Our 10520 pediatric dentist is your partner in looking after your child’s dental wellness. Now is the perfect time to call our office to arrange an appointment to bring her or him in for an examination.

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