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Croton-on-Hudson Root Canal

Root canal in Croton-on-Hudson

Croton-on-Hudson root canal

Croton-on-Hudson root canal

When a tooth has become damaged in some manner, it can break or become decayed, resulting in infection. If the infection progresses without treatment, the tooth may need to be extracted. An endodontic procedure, or root canal, can save the tooth and alleviate the need of having to perform an extraction. Oftentimes, when teeth become infected it can cause an abscess or result in periodontal disease, which may damage the tooth’s sensitive inner pulp. A Croton-on-Hudson root canal is a necessary procedure to save the tooth if this is the case. Natural teeth should be saved if possible, as there is currently no way to re-implant a natural tooth.

Deep inside the tooth lays a soft inner tissue called pulp. If the pulp opens, it becomes exposed to bacteria and other things that can cause it to decay. If a cavity forms, it can destroy the protective layers of enamel and leave the area open to infection. If left untreated for too long an abscess can form, which is a pus filled area of tissue that can spread quickly to become a dangerous infection. If you believe you have an abscess, you should schedule an appointment immediately for a checkup and a subsequent Croton-on-Hudson root canal if needed.

Other causes of pulp damage include periodontal disease, cracks or breakage. Even if the pulp has been damaged, it is not always necessary to pull the tooth. A Croton-on-Hudson root canal can remove the damaged pulp and return the tooth to a healthier state. After a root canal, patients usually experience no side effects except for slight pain. We may prescribe antibiotics if there was an infection preceding the root canal, which is a quick and procedure. Healing may take slightly longer if an abscess has formed. In some cases, healing may take up to two years.

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