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10520 Dental Office

Gum disease prevention in 10520

10520 dental office

10520 dental office

Maintaining strong, healthy gums is an essential component of your oral health. At Smile Style Contemporary Dental Arts, our goal is to help you to avoid gum disease entirely. Short of that, early detection is the next best option. A twice-yearly trip to our 10520 dental office is the most effective way to ensure that.

Plaque is the primary culprit in the formation of both tooth decay and gum disease. Along with its hardened form, tartar, it irritates your gums and given enough time, can inflame and even infect them. The early stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. At this point, you may not notice any symptoms. If you do, redness and mild irritation are the most typical ones. To prevent it, you should eat a diet limited in sugar, brush after meals, and floss thoroughly every day. In addition, you should come in for a dental exam and teeth cleaning at our 10520 dental office every six months. If gingivitis is addressed in a timely manner, it can be halted and reversed with a teeth cleaning or two. If, however, gingivitis is ignored, it will progress to the more advanced stage of periodontitis. More obvious symptoms appear then, such as receding gums, persistent bad breath, gums that bleed when you brush, and maybe the onset of infection. Eventually, your teeth may loosen. Periodontitis is treated with scaling and root planing, a more invasive type of cleaning that gets down to the roots using hand scraping tools and/or ultrasonic tools to scrape out the plaque and tartar. Surgery to reduce the size of your gum pockets is generally recommended only when the pockets are very deep and are putting you at risk for continued problems.

Attention to your diet, brushing, flossing, and twice-yearly exams and cleanings at our 10520 dental office form the foundation for gum disease prevention. Why not schedule yours today?

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