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Local Dentist in Croton-on-Hudson

Dental crowns in Croton-on-Hudson

Local Dentist in Croton-on-Hudson

Local Dentist in Croton-on-Hudson

With restorative and cosmetic dental services, as well as extractions, root canal therapy, and even orthodontic care, we at Smile Style Contemporary Dental Arts are the office for your entire family, including your children. Our local dentist in Croton-on-Hudson combines vast experience, and finely-honed expert skills with a gentle approach, so you can feel confident that whatever dental work or maintenance you require, it will be administered with the utmost of focused care.

It would be wonderful if teeth stayed whole and never had to be replaced, but that’s not always the case. Crowns (also called caps) are a way to supplement your tooth when it has been weakened from advanced decay, chips, or fractures. They’re also used for cosmetic purposes, covering a tooth if it’s crooked or discolored or misshapen. When an infection occurs deep down in the pulp of your tooth, the goals are to relieve the pain you’re experiencing and also to save the tooth. Our local dentist in Croton-on-Hudson performs root canal therapy with precision and a high degree of comfort. Of course, a crown is then placed to restore the tooth to its full size. When a tooth cannot be saved, a surgical extraction is required. And fortunately, both dentures and dental implants are available to keep your smile complete. And bone graft surgery is offered if your jaw bone needs augmentation for you to be a good candidate to get an implant.

Invisalign, the system of clear, plastic aligners, does the same job as metal braces in straightening your teeth. And because your gums are just as important to your oral well-being as your teeth are, our local dentist in Croton-on-Hudson also provides treatment for gum disease. Among the cosmetic dentistry services at our office are veneers and dental bonding. Both will correct a host of concerns, from large gaps between teeth to poorly-sized or misshapen, cracked, and chipped teeth.

You should also feel confident to bring in your child for our pediatric dental services. You can count on our local dentist in Croton-on-Hudson to have the patience needed, and to provide the welcoming and fun environment for your child that will make him or her feel comfortable with visiting here. And he or she needs extra attention as baby teeth fall out and make room for the eruption of adult teeth.

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